Welcome on the CiviKey development platform!

This site currently supports 3 main projects:


This project is dedicated to general aspects of the development of CiviKey as a whole.


CK-Core is the kernel of CiviKey. It is developed by volunteers under the technical control of Invenietis. This is the ring 0 of the project: our goal is to maintain here the highest code quality and efficiency that we can achieve.
Subversion repository is here:

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Certified plugins and shared libraries in this project benefits of the full commitment of Invenietis' developers and other seniors and highly-qualified architects and developers.
Subversion repository is here:

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Latest projects

  • CiviKey (10/27/2009 04:05 PM)

    General stuff.

  • CK-Core (10/27/2009 04:04 PM)

    CiviKey kernel.

  • CK-Certified (10/27/2009 04:03 PM)

    Plugins certifiés dans le package CiviKey Standard.