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CK-Core03/04/2010Antoine BlanchetDéveloppementEvolution #38: Plugin discovering Unit TestsA temporary test project has been created to test only the CK.Plugin.Discoverer. When the CK.Plugin.Environement and Runtime will work, tests will reintegrated to CK.Tests1.00
CK-Core03/04/2010Antoine BlanchetDéveloppementEvolution #36: Plugin discovering refactoringCK.Plugin.Model work, CK.Plugin.Discoverer build but unit test doesn't test anything yet.5.00
CiviKey01/18/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementAnomalie #27: Mode défilement touche espace CVK0 et 11.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #4: [Context] Review all context to ensure thant all global keys (arrows, delete..) are available in all modes8.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #2: [Context] Add "suppr" "end" "home" "caps lock" keys on dynamic keyboard context3.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementAnomalie #1: [Context] Add shortcuts (alt + ...)5.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #3: [Context] take a look about "€" and "@" keys.3.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #10: [Skin] Set skin title bar by default (to be able to minimize keyboard)2.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #11: [Repeater] Update selection model to send command at contactor down insteed of up3.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #15: [Prediction] Enhance word selection flow2.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #12: [AutoScroll] Skip empty zone and empty keys 1.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #7: [Skin] Upper initial font size (on keyboard and prediction view)2.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanConceptionAnomalie #17: [Logger] Fix negativ number in log file0.50
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #18: [Core] Moves configuration/context files from program files to specific user directory12.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementAnomalie #19: [Skin] Fix skin drag & drop2.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #16: [Plugin] Create a mouse controller usable with auto scroll12.00
CiviKey01/07/2010Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #21: Ensure that only one instance of a program can run at a time3.00
CiviKey12/17/2009Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #21: Ensure that only one instance of a program can run at a time1.00
CiviKey12/17/2009Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #15: [Prediction] Enhance word selection flow1.00
CiviKey12/17/2009Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #14: [Prediction] Replace the stand-alone windows by integrating prediciton results inside the keyboard itself4.00
CiviKey12/17/2009Cédric LegendreDéveloppementEvolution #8: [Skin] Find a way to bind keys font size to keyboard global size3.00
CiviKey12/16/2009Isaac DuplanConceptionEvolution #11: [Repeater] Update selection model to send command at contactor down insteed of upRefactored scroller flow4.00
CiviKey12/16/2009Isaac DuplanDéveloppementAnomalie #19: [Skin] Fix skin drag & dropCivikey window moves is now handled by window as if we were using title bar to move a window.2.00
CiviKey12/15/2009Isaac DuplanDéveloppementEvolution #9: [Skin] Allow resize even when title bar is activeUpdated CvkForm properties when title bar is active2.00

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