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04:35 PM CiviKey Anomalie #109 (Fermé): Clavier Visuel : Plantage
Le clavier plante lorsque l'on clique dessus hors d'une touche, et que l'on relache sur une touche.
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02:52 PM CiviKey 2.00 hours (Evolution #7 (Fermé): [Skin] Upper initial font size (on keyboard and prediction view))
02:51 PM CiviKey 12.00 hours (Evolution #16 (Fermé): [Plugin] Create a mouse controller usable with auto scroll)


11:38 AM CiviKey Evolution #22 (Fermé): [Command Handler] Change Keyboard
11:38 AM CiviKey Evolution #23 (Fermé): [CommandHandler] Pointer Device
PointerDeviceMove and PointerDeviceAction are implemented in this Command Handler. It enables the user to move the Po...
11:33 AM CiviKey Evolution #22 (Fermé): [Command Handler] Change Keyboard
A KeyboardChangeCommandHandler has been created to be able to pass from a keyboard to another one by clicking on a Ke...
11:24 AM CiviKey Anomalie #19 (Fermé): [Skin] Fix skin drag & drop
11:24 AM CiviKey Anomalie #17 (Fermé): [Logger] Fix negativ number in log file
11:23 AM CiviKey Evolution #18 (Fermé): [Core] Moves configuration/context files from program files to specific us...
11:23 AM CiviKey 1.00 hour (Evolution #21 (Fermé): Ensure that only one instance of a program can run at a time)

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